Few words

I don’t know whether anyone would read this or not but I still have to write it. 

1. I have to stop translating “The Reunion”, not because It’s not good enough, actually it’s an excellent story but I don’t do Johnlock, I prefer Sher-John; I’m a narrowed-mind person and it’s just kinda weird when Sherlock was pushed down by John and …abc… abc… you know, I used to consider Sherlock to have cold mind and John is massive kindness, he’s too kind to be TOP or at least, in my eyes. So I’m gonna stop it, I know it’s such an irresponsible thing to do but I can’t help it, so sorry.

2. I’m struggled with “Rage and Serenity”, I read it all and it was beyond amazing, it’s so long even though it only has 11 chaps but when you translate it, it’s like 2 chaps in 1 and there’re a lot of bed-scenes too, every chap. I love to read dirty details in English but when you translate it to Vietnamese, it’s awkward, I can say “fuck”, “dick”, “slut” or any cursing words in English but in Vietnamese, It’s a deadly serious problem. 

3. I’m trying to find romance fics as much as I can so I don’t have to deal with bed-scene and good new is that I’ve found one: GLEE FIC. ♥

So if anyone read this, hope you guys enjoy my work, love you. My english is poor, forgive me ~~


4 thoughts on “Few words

  1. 1. Mình cũng nghĩ vậy :)) Nhưng đáng buồn là tỉ lệ fic Sherlock/John ít hơn nhiều so với John/Sherlock. À, có một bạn lập một list fic Sherlock/John đấy( dành cho những người như chúng ta:))), nếu muốn đọc fic rated M trở lên thì mình chỉ đọc trong đấy cho chắc chắn. Ko biết cậu coi qua chưa nữa nên mình cứ để link vậy.
    2. Những từ này đúng là khó mà dịch đc. Dịch ra hay dùng từ thay thế đều nghe kiểu gì gì ấy.
    3. Hôm trước mình vừa đọc đc một fic khá lãng mạn và ngọt ngào.
    Cậu đọc thử xem.

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